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301 Permanent Redirect vs. canonical

What is a 301 Permanent Redirect?

3012 Permanent Redirect is a response code by the browser which tell the browser that the requested page is moved and tell the new location to the browser. The browser reaction for such response is that automatically redirecting the user to the new location. Search engines will direct all the authority of the 301 redirects to the new location.

When to Use a 301 Permanent Redirect?

You need to use 301 permanent redirects if you have any of the following:-

  • Transferred your website to different domain/location
  • Moved or renamed a page and do not want to lose traffic coming to old location

How to make 301 Permanent Redirect?

There are many ways to make 301 permanent redirects. We will mention the most common ones.

Using .htaccess

By creating .htaccess file in the root directory of your website and entering the following text you will instruct the HTTP server to redirect users visiting oldpage.html to newpage.html

Using Server side language(i.e. PHP)

By writing the following code in the page oldpage.php you will instruct HTTP server to redirect visitors of oldpage.php to newpage.php

The rel=”canonical” Attribute

The rel=”canonical” attribute is not a redirect, rather it is an indication solely for search engines to tell them which page to index. Say if you have almost identical contents on two different locations using rel=”canonical” attribute will tell search engines which page of the two you want appearing in search engines. However according to google, the rel=”canonical” will be used as a direction or hint to choose the best page to index which means under some conditions google may choose to ignore rel=”canonical” attribute and index the other page which you do not want to index.

When to use Canonical?

  • When 301 can not be implemented (.htaccess is disabled or there is no server side language)
  • When you have duplicate contents but you want to keep both pages live

When to avoid using Canonical?

  • There is no much duplicated contents between the two pages
  • With paginated pages
  • With related but different pages

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What to do and not to do when doing SEO

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This is a quick tips list for what to do and not to do list when doing SEO for your website.

To do list:-

  • Make rich contents with text, images and video together
  • Make sitemap.xml.
  • Add your website to google webmaster tools.
  • Make robots.txt to control what to index and what not to index by search engine.
  • Add unique title and meta description to each of your pages.
  • Use <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> at your duplicated pages.
  • Optimizing your contents for mobile users.

Not to do list:-

  • Never cloak your domain.
  • Avoid using iframes for linking to contents.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Avoid duplicating contents.
  • Avoid submitting your website to link farms or search engine submission services.

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What is black hat SEO?

Category : SEO

Black Hat SEO is the use of various tricks in order to increase your website ranking in search engine results. These tricks may include spamming other websites with links, putting huge amount of keywords in your keyword tags, using hidden text or text with the same color as the background on webpages, using backdoor pages which is a fake page that is not seen by the visitor but for search engine spider bots only. And recently unnatural linking and link exchanges are added to this category due to google last ranking algorithm update the so-called Penguin update.

As a whole these are techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner.

Such techniques may have been useful in the past. Nowadays, as search engines getting smarter your site will be severely penalized by search engines if you try to use such tricks in order to improve your website search results ranking. By any means it is not advisable to use Black Hat SEO techniques as this will not lead to improving your website ranking. On the contrary, it will eventually result in lowering its ranking or more worse having it banned from search results at all.

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Search engine optimization that works

Category : SEO

Doing SEO (Search engine optimization) for your website is very essential plus it has proven to be cost effective. However SEO ways are changing overtime dramatically plus it varies from legitimate SEO till black hat ways that could make google angry and ban your website.
Here are the best and cost effective SEO ways that could help your website rank well in google and other search engines.

  1. Build unique contents:-
    What interest your users and makes google happy at your site at the same time is unique contents and what make google angry is duplicate contents so to go the good way avoid copying or pirating from other sites and instead build your own contents. Give enough time to it to give the most good user experience.
  2. Keep your website fresh:-
    Google crawl your websites continuously and are willing to index new contents over several years contents. So if you post contents continuously say twice or once a week, this will make google always eager to come to your website to crawl the new contents.
  3. Write unique and descriptive title and description for each of your pages:-
    This will make google concentrate on page relevancy basis and not on overall website relevancy basis. For example if your website is about animals care but you have two pages one for dogs and other for cats it is better to have the title for the two pages “Dogs care” and “Cats care” which will help google send searchers directly to the relevant page and also will make the user more happy by reaching the right page directly.
  4. Make page at facebook and account at twitter and other social accounts and link it to your websites and ask your site visitors to follow you:-
    This will increase the number of returning users beside it will help to rank higher at google because new google ranking algorithm does not depend on page rank any more. Instead it depends on the traffic coming to your website which depends on the number of returning users.
  5. Avoid keyword stuffing:-
    Google search engine is much more advanced than before and it became hardly to get deceived with keyword stuffing and instead it will get your website penalized or banned completely from google so just avoid it.
  6. Avoid Link directories or link farms:-
    Link directories rarely will send you traffic as well as page rank while chance of being penalized is high so just avoid them.
  7. Optimize your website for mobile users:-
    Web is evolving and more users are accessing web from their mobile devices so optimizing your website for mobile users will make you sure of not losing this big fraction of users additionally having website not optimized for mobile users can hurt your rank.