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Cpanel vs. Plesk vs. kloxo vs. Webmin vs. DirectAdmin

Category : Web Hosting

If you do not know already Cpanel, Plesk, kloxo, Webmin and DirectAdmin are all control panels for managing websites and if you are hosting company you can either use Cpanel’s WHM or Kloxo to manage your clients, packages servers etc…
Here are comparison to know the main difference between the the most popular control panels and to choose the most one that suits your needs.

Control Panel Cpanel Plesk Kloxo Webmin DirectAdmin
License Proprietary License Proprietary License AGPL BSD style Proprietary License
Price $20/m for VPS or $45/m for server Starts from $4/m Free Free $29/m or $299 for life time
Last Release 2015 2014 2011 2015 2013
OS Linux Linux or Windows CentOS Linux / Windows (Partial support) Windows
Plugins Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Multi Servers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learning Curve Easy Medium Easy Medium Easy
Migration Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Supported per admin / reseller basis

Shots for different control panels:-

  • Cpanel

  • Plesk

  • Kloxo

  • Webmin
  • DirectAdmin

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