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What is favicon.ico and how important to have one?

  • What is favicon.ico?
    favicon.ico is a tiny icon file just 16 x 16 pixels and it is displayed at the left size of the browser’s address bar beside your website name when also it is displayed beside your website name when it is bookmarked by user.
  • Best practice when making a favicon.ico
    The first step to creating a favicon is design. It is quite small and you can not put much into it, however having a good one would give your website a professional look and can impact user to sales conversion positively. Better to choose an expressive one that it is easy to remember because your users will use it to find your site and open it. It is not expressive one users will find it hard to remember and will require them extra effort to read the bookmarked page name before opening your website. Most commonly, it will be the logo mark for a company excluding text and trademarks exception of this rule is if your logo itself is just a letter or two like the famous facebook’s “f” or twitter’s “t”.
  • How to make favicon.ico?

    You can use software like photoshop to make a PSD then export it to ico file alternatively there are online service to convert an image file to favicon.ico file like Favicon Generator

  • Help browser find your favicon.ico
    By default browser will try to load the file favicon.ico from your website root directory however you can direct the browser to use a different file or to look in a different directory by putting the following meta tag into the head section of your pages:-

    You should replace “/favicon.ico” in the above example with the location of your favicon.ico file, for example, “/images/favicon.ico” if you have placed it in your “/images/” directory.
    This step is required if you have put your “favicon.ico” file in a directory other than root directory.

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