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Why Dynamic IP is made?

Dynamic IP means dynamically assigning a new IP each time a machine is connected to the internet or to a router. Dynamic IP mechanism existent simply to be able to reuse the allocated IP with another machine when the connected machine is shutdown.

IPv4 and its limitation

IPv4 consists of 32 bits divided into four parts each part is 8 bits and is written in decimal form and all parts separated by a dot (.)

By simple calculations one would conclude that all combinations from until forms roughly 4 Billions of addresses. Looking at nowadays internet, there are many servers and users connected to the internet and usable address space is becoming overwhelmingly limited.

DHCP Servers

Due to this reason when a machine is disconnected from internet (user shutdowns his PC) there is a need to free up the allocated IP to use it with another machine.
This need is covered by dynamic IP allocation which means a machine will get a new IP each time it connects to the internet. The server responsible on this process is called DHCP Server (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) and it is available as a builtin software in all routers.


IPv6 is the new age of internet addresses. It is a huge address space with 128 bits divided into 8 parts each is 16 bits written into hexadecimal and separated by colons (:)

By simple calculations, this new space provides a range of up to 3 x 10 power 38 or three hundreds trillions trillions trillions addresses. It is said that with IPv6, there will be assignable address for each molecule on earth.

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